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Wood odor deodorizers. Ideal for neutralizing odors inside shoes and sneakers. Insert each deodorizer inside the shoe or sneaker and push until it touches the tip on the inside. After each use, squeeze the pad to rekindle the wood smell. Replace the product with a new one when it loses the aroma of wood.


02 Deodorizers

Price PEN25.00

FOOT WORKS® - Silicone...

FOOT WORKS® - Silicone Bunion Protector with Divider is a soft and flexible silicone protector designed to give relief and protection in the bunion area. Its ergonomic design with a double ring performs a double function keeping the interdigital area aligned and protecting the bunion area from inflammation due to rubbing against the footwear. Ideal to be used with any type of footwear.

Price PEN40.00

FOOT WORKS® - Double ring...

FOOT WORKS® - Double ring separator is a soft and flexible separator designed to keep the interdigital area aligned, protecting against calluses and rubbing between and on the fingers. Indicated for the treatment of claw or overlapping fingers. The two built-in rings prevent the separator from sliding.

Price PEN35.00

FOOT WORKS® - Silicone heel...

FOOT WORKS® - Silicone Heel Protector is a soft and flexible silicone protector designed to provide relief and protection in the heel area. Recommended for cases of calcaneal spur and plantar fasciitis. Its ergonomic design provides cushioning and absorbs impact on the heel. It also allows the heels to be kept hydrated and free of calluses.

Price PEN65.00

FOOT WORKS® - Little finger...

FOOT WORKS® - Little Finger Protector is an ultra-thin, soft and flexible protector designed to relieve discomfort caused by corns, hardness and ingrown toenails, as well as rubbing between and on the little finger. Its discreet and ultra-slim design makes it ideal to be used with any type of footwear.

Price PEN25.00

FOOT WORKS® - Metatarsal pad

FOOT WORKS® - Metatarsal middle pad with inner gel is an elastic fabric pad with inner gel, designed to give relief and protection in the metatarsal area thanks to its great power of absorption and shock absorption. Its ergonomic design and elastic fabric offer a perfect fit on the foot, preventing chafing and calluses.

Price PEN65.00

FOOT WORKS® - Massaging Gel...

FOOT WORKS® - Massaging Gel Heel Pad provides relief to heel sensitivity. Its gel waves act as small springs, cushioning the impact on the heel, joints and lower back. Especially indicated to relieve the discomfort of plantar fasciitis and heel spur. Its suede surface is washable, soft and absorbs sweat.

Price PEN35.00

FOOT WORKS® - Invisible Gel...

FOOT WORKS - Invisible Gel Pad is an ultra-thin gel metatarsal protector, specially designed to eliminate the sensation of pain in the metatarsus, caused by long hours of walking, long walks or high-heeled shoes. It is also ideal for those seeking extra comfort in footwear. Its fine and discreet design makes it ideal for sandals, open or party shoes. It is anti slip.

Price PEN25.00